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Thriving With Less

Welcome! I'm JJ, and I write an artist lifestyle blog about living creatively and making delicious plant-based recipes. I strive to work efficiently at my day job to have more time to make healthy meals, sell my creations, host art days, and teach classes in my studio. No matter what age you are, you too can follow your creative dreams, eat well, and thrive with less!

JJ Jacobs

I'm your host,

It’s easy to make breakfast one of your favorite meals of the day when you’re on a whole food, plant-based diet!

Quick and Easy WFPB Breakfast Ideas

This will be challenging since I’ve never met an art supply I didn’t want to marry.

An Artist’s Vow for Earth Day

…..I bolted from the gallery in a full-blown panic attack!

How to Handle Opening Night Jitters for Artists

Oyster Mushroom Scallops over Pasta with lemon and garlic sauce

If you like sea scallops but are vegan or limiting your animal proteins, then these King Oyster mushroom scallops in a lemony garlic sauce with pasta are for you!

Vegan Scallops over Lemony Pasta