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Thriving With Less

Welcome! I'm JJ, and I write an artist lifestyle blog. Here we explore fun DIY projects, and learn how to turn an art hobby into a successful side hustle. I share delicious plant-forward, small-portion recipes and grow herbs for the home, kitchen and  gifts.  I also run a full-time business, and I do all this and more in my small 849 square foot house!

If you want to be an artist or are already one who wants to explore the business of art, read on! Learn how to develop your artistic voice and start a regular art practice so you can gain the confidence to begin showing and selling your work.  

Artist Life

Discover easy and delicious recipes for healthy whole-food, plant-based dishes along with an occasional soy-free vegan and vegetarian option. Most of my recipes are created in small portions that are perfect for one or two people.   


Explore the world of sustainable DIY and using things you find for free or on the cheap! Find out how to turn found objects, thrifted items and upcycled materials into new works of art, gifts, home decor,  garden crafts, and more.


Have fun creating your own artistic living space with eclectic and budget-conscious projects and decorating tips. Discover the amazing magic of herbs and learn how to grow your own plants to use in the home,  for gifts and in healthcare. 

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