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Thriving With Less

Welcome! I'm JJ, and I recently retired from the corporate world. It's time to enjoy the next life chapter in my cozy 849-square-foot home that I share with my pup, Jackson Pollock. 

On the blog, I offer tips on running an art business in addition to fun DIY projects and tasty plant-based recipes for 1-2. You'll also learn ways to repurpose items to decorate and organize your living space.

If you're looking for creative inspiration, you've come to the right place! 

If you're a creative who wants to show and sell your art, read on! Learn tips about the business of art, how to get clients, price your work, and more.

Artist Life

I share delicious, small-portioned plant-based recipes and kitchen tips for anyone cooking for 1-2 people. My motto is: Cooking for one can be fun!!


Let's turn found objects, thrifted items, and upcycled materials into art, home decor,  garden crafts, and more!


Create your own artistic and eclectic living space with budget-conscious projects and decorating tips. And learn about herbs - nature's gift to gardens.

Home & Garden