As any new dog parent can attest, new puppies are cute, cuddly, and adorable. And just like babies, they need lots of love and training to help them integrate and adjust to their new world.

So how can you help new puppy parents welcome their newest family member to their home?

One great way is to give the new pet parents a gift card or a basket filled with practical items like dog treats, puppy toys, chew toys, or even poop bags.

A new puppy gift basket containing some of the most important things pet owners need for their new addition is the perfect choice for any new dog mom or dog dad.

And what are the best dog gifts to add to your puppy gift package? Here are some of the best gift ideas and pet products for new dog owners and their new fur baby.

white labrador puppy asleep in his bed with a blue blanket and a stuffed animal toy

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New Puppy Gift Ideas

Below are some great gift ideas for the puppy’s new parents. A new puppy gift box stuffed with new toys and a jar of peanut butter will be the perfect present to welcome the new puppy home. But if you need more ideas on what to add to the puppy care package, here are a few essentials to start with!

This dog bowl set comes with a waterproof smooth mat to keep the feeding area clean!

Puppy training in 7 easy steps? This popular book teaches you how it’s done.

Dog car seats are for your safety and theirs, and is a must-have for every dog owner.

Snuggle Puppy calms your new baby with its heat-pack and beating-heart device.

Canine music relieves separation anxiety and helps puppy find it’s new Zen.

Interactive feeding bowl keeps puppy occupied and encourages slower eating.

Puppy gift box includes chew toys, chew ropes, poop bags, and more!

Your puppy will be styling with this matching harness, collar, and dog leash set.

Let your puppy’s personality shine with these adorable bandanas and bow ties.

Here Are 160 More Gift Ideas for A New Puppy!

I’ve compiled a list of 160 more gift ideas for new puppies. This is an extensive list that includes pet grooming products, first aid kits, dog beds, training treats, and more.

For the link to 160 best new puppy gift ideas – just click here!

And let’s not forget about the new puppy parents…..

The first few nights after bringing a new puppy home can be brutal for the new parents and their baby furry bundle. When you’re feeling stressed, why not sink into a nice hot bath with some energizing herbal bath salts? Just drop one or two bags into a warm bath; turn on some soothing music and pour a glass of wine.

It’s the perfect prescription for relaxing and getting an energetic reset so you’re ready to play with your new furry friend again in no time!

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