Art storage is a must for any artist. First of all, there is just never enough room or places to store all of the supplies. Secondly, we artists need areas to safely store our work as we let it dry, cure, etc. And lastly, we need plenty of art storage for all of the creations once they’re finished.

Can an artist ever have enough art storage or supplies?

NO, they cannot.

Here are 20 art storage ideas to keep your supplies organized and your masterpieces safe when they’re done.

These 20 art storage ideas will help clear your work areas so you have more room to create. Likewise, I’m including suggestions for safely storing your finished works once they are complete.

Please feel free to add your favorite art storage ideas and suggestions in the comments section. After all – we artists learn best from each other and I know you have even more art storage ideas you can share. I hope one or more of these art storage ideas helps you.

sheets of colorful paper being stored on thin shelves in artist studio

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1. 3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart

This 3-tier rolling utility cart holds a myriad of art supplies and comes in six different colors! No matter what your medium is, this cart will easily hold your favorite tools and keep them nearby.

2. Arts and Craft Tote Bag

Scrapbookers and journal makers will love this heavy-duty tote bag to carry their work and supplies to workshops and gatherings. The bag is made with sturdy oxford material and comes in five different colors.

3. 10-Drawer Wood Storage Box

This 10-drawer wooden set of drawers is perfect for storing pastels, pens, markers, as well as small tools and supplies for jewelry makers. The unit separates to make two sets of five drawers, and each drawer can be segmented into various-sized compartments.

4. Dryden Art Canvas Storage Cart With Rollers

Lightweight and sturdy, the Dryden Art Storage Cart holds up to 12 gallery-style or 24 standard canvases. You can also store a combination of the two canvas types. The cart holds canvases, panels, frames, drawing boards, pads of art paper, mat board, and more. The cart measures 33″ x 25.5″ x 14.75″ with a 30.5″ high handle and weighs 16 lbs. when it’s empty. The casters let you move the cart around easily. And the storage cart is affordably priced at under $150 (as of this writing).

5. 50-Shelf Double-Sided Drying Rack

Storing vertically is a true space saver in the studio. The Sax All-Purpose Double-Sided Rack is all-steel wire construction with a baked enamel finish. The shelves are divided in the middle so you can store pieces on both sides. Each shelf is spaced 1″ apart and measures 9″ x 16.5″ to dry flat pieces up to 11″ x 17″ This rack allows for drying and storing prints, paintings, mix-media pieces. It’s perfect for printers, classroom settings, workshops, and more.

6. The Original Space Rover by Creative Mark

The Original Space Rover stores and organizes panels, framed and unframed art, paintings, canvas, boards, pads, and large portfolio cases. The double-tier design allows for a massive amount of storage for your finished or unfinished works. There are 10 vertical dividers that allow for 8 areas of storage, and the Space Rover has lockable casters. It is 43″ long x 18.25″ deep x 72″ high, so is perfect for storing large pieces safely.

7. Portable Folding Print Rack

I’ve owned my Creative Mark portable folding print rack for at least two decades and it’s still in amazing shape! These racks weigh very little and fold easily for storage. The canvas is heavyweight, and the rack is perfect for photographs, matted paintings or mixed media pieces, and framed works. It comes in three different sizes – from a mini-table top model to a jumbo-sized one that holds works over two feet wide. It’s made from long-lasting materials and is great for taking to shows.

8. Large Art Portfolio Bag

Art Portfolio Bags are ideal for storing finished prints or paintings, and for taking them to and from the studio. This Nicpro bag comes in two different sizes and is made from heavy-duty black nylon fabric. These durable bags have vinyl reinforced corners and are tear-proof, water-resistant, and can be easily cleaned. They are great for art students or art professionals to carry their works to client meetings and interviews. And they have an outside pocket that’s perfect for carrying additional supplies or writing instruments.

9. Heavy-duty Steel Wire Shelving Rack

Ceramic artists and sculptures need sturdy racks to dry their works and this heavy-duty steel wire shelving rack by SafeRacks works well to solve those storage problems. The SafeRack comes in a variety of widths up to 6′ and heights to 5′. to accommodate even the most productive ceramicist. These racks are commercial grade and have a 350lb capacity per shelf when using adjustable feet, and a 400lb total capacity when using 4″ casters.

10. Portable Wood Desktop Easel with Storage Drawers

This Beechwood desktop easel has two storage drawers with five compartments, and the third drawer with one compartment to organize paints, brushes, markers, pens, paper, and other supplies. The unit is 15.75″ wide by 10.25″ deep by 4.5″ high. The easel adjusts to 13″ high and is great for kids, budding artists, students, plus advanced artists and professionals.

11. Bamboo Desk Organizer with Drawer 

The bamboo desk organizer can hold over 300 pens and is perfect for illustrators, graphic designers, and journaling artists. It measures 10 inches x 5.9 inches x 8.9 inches and is shipped fully assembled. It works great for office supplies, crayons, pens, markers, general art supplies, and even makeup brushes.

12. South Shore Crea Counter-Height Craft Table

This versatile counter-height craft table has 2 large storage modules and a water-proof, scratch-resistant top. There’s a wide drawer that keeps your supplies organized, and the table includes four baskets. The height lets you stand while working or you can get a tall chair so you can sit while you work. The white laminate surface makes this an attractive addition to any studio or hobby room, and there’s a five-year warranty!

13. Giant Stack Trays for Flat Art up to 36″ Wide

These giant stackable trays are sold in pairs, with each tray measuring 26 x 39 x 3 inches. The trays are made from high-density polyethylene with steel reinforcement and can be stacked up to 5 feet high. They are perfect for storing prints, posters, large photographs, paintings on paper, maps, drawings, and more. The open design lets you see what’s being stored and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

14. KOUSI 16-Cube Storage Cabinet

The Kousi 16-cube storage cabinet is versatile and lightweight and can be configured in a variety of ways to fit your space however you want. Each storage cube is 14″x18″x14″ and can hold up to 22 lbs. The cubes are supported by steel frames, resin panels, and ABS connectors.

15. Professional Art Hanging System

The GalleryOne Professional Art Hanging System is the number one choice for thousands of galleries and exhibition spaces worldwide. This system allows you to safely store your finished works as well as display them beautifully for studio shows. The system utilizes an 18′ aluminum track that can be cut into to custom sizes. Each hook or hanger holds up to 33 lbs. and two hooks or hangers will hold a piece up to 66 lbs.

16. 5-Drawer Flat File for Art up to 42″ Wide

This Safco Flat File has 5 drawers for storing 42″W x 30″ D prints, art, maps, drawings, and other flat documents. This one is steel and it comes in several colors. Each drawer has heavy-duty nylon rollers and a courtesy stop, a rear hood, and a hinged front document depressor.

17. Over-the-Door Organizer with Clear Pockets

This heavy-duty over-the-door organizer has 24 sections and is not just for shoes! It comes with four strong metal hooks with metal grommets and is perfect for storing jars of paints or mediums, spray paint cans, ephemera, brushes, and more.

18. Wall Control Pegboard System

The steel pegboard system by Wall Control is expandable, heavy-duty, and comes in a variety of colors. The creative design clears surface space and uses the wall-mounted organizer to store supplies while keeping them nearby and easy to find. It’s easy to install and is 10x stronger than a traditional pegboard!

19. Oak Paper Organizer with Drawers

Perfect for storing finished works, ephemera, paper, and more, this sturdy engineered Oak paper organizer by Safco has 32 compartments and two drawers. These compartments let you sort, store, and organize binders, journals, paper, and files on your desk or counter. And the drawers hold smaller items like pens, sticky notes, and more.

20. Sheet Glass Storage Rack

This 15 slot sheet glass organizer has 1/2-inch openings and rubber-tipped prongs that can hold up to 32 square feet of glass.  I have had two of these organizers in my glass studio for over ten years and they are still like new. In fact, now I use one of them to store sheets of copper, cardboard, and paintings on paper as they dry.

Let’s face it – art supplies are to artists what shoes are to Imelda Marcos. And while I’m not advocating keeping 3000+ pairs of shoes (I mean types of art supplies) in your studio, I do know having an organized work area helps with the creative process.

And keeping art supplies organized in one spot can save you time and money! When you know what you already have, you avoid purchasing duplicates. Plus you can see when a supply is running low so you don’t ever run out of something.

I hope these art storage ideas give you some inspiration (and better yet, more room!) on organizing your creative workspace. Please share these ideas with your fellow artist friends and add your comments and ideas below. I want to hear your favorite ways of storing your supplies and finished work!

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