As a long-time artist with lots of artsy friends, I’m always looking to find the perfect gifts to buy for my favorite creatives. Today I’m going to share a few of those ideas with my new list of must-have artsy gifts under $20 for 2021. Each of these finds is priced under $20, and some are WAY under that benchmark. To find out where to purchase or learn more about any of these products, just click on the photo or one of the underlined links below.

I’m including something for everyone (even your furry pals), as well as for every room of the house. Each of these 20 gifts under $20 will delight any artist or creative person you know, no matter what season it is!

Please know this post contains sponsored or affiliate links, and that I may earn a small commission on a qualifying purchase at no extra cost to you. All prices are accurate and items are in stock at the time of publication.

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1. Mini Zen Artist Board

Things I love about the Mini Zen Artist Board are its portability and affordability, plus it’s eco-friendly! All you need is some water and the brush that’s included, and you can draw anytime, anywhere. Perfect for artists young and old, and it meets the gifts under $20 requirement!

2. Seven-Piece Drywall & Putty Knife Set

Every painter needs tools like this, and for the price, you can’t beat this 7-piece drywall and putty knife set. Use the knives for adding gesso or modeling paste to your substrate, or for adding texture to your painting. The tools range in size from 1″ up to 5″, and the handles have holes if you want to hang them.

3. Artist Crew Socks – 5 Pairs or Gifts Under $20

This particular set has five (5) pairs of artsy crew socks and is NOT one of those gifts under $20…. this set of 5 artsy socks is priced under $10!! The art and artists depicted on this particular set include: “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh, “Little Angels” by Raffaello Santi, “The Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, “Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli, and “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. Other sets include “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt and “Statue of David” by Michelangelo. Check out the various options as some sets come with four pairs, and others have six pairs. And all sets are priced under $10 and are sized for women or young adults.

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4. Artist Neckties – Another of Those Perfect Gifts Under $20

How fun is this artist necktie for your favorite tie-wearing artsy person? This tie depicts Kandinsky’s famous “Color Study: Squares and Concentric Circles” and matches everything!! It’s made of microfiber and sells for under $20 by Three Rooker. This group sells a variety of artist neckties, including “Irises” by Vincent Van Gogh, “Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali, and “Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow” by Piet Mondrian.

5. One Hundred Piece Scratch Paper Set

Are you looking for a fun project for kiddies or creative teens? This colorful scratch paper set comes with 100 pieces of 5″ x 7.2″ scratch paper, plus an assortment of sturdy stencils and tools, and is recommended for users 3+ years of age. The paper is non-toxic and framable for gifts or home decor. Or put your little artist to work and use their masterpieces on these fantastic and colorful card blanks — the set comes with 72 cards and envelopes in 18 colors, and is perfect for holidays or any occasion cards!

6. Randomise – a Fun Game for the Whole Family

The popular game Randomise is like playing Pictionary, Charades, and Cranium – all at once! This pocket-sized game lets you act, draw or describe the subject and is fun for the whole family. Great for players 8+ years of age, and perfect for playing with four players to a crowd of 100! Be sure to include this exciting game on your “gifts under $20” list!

7. Baby Hand & Footprint Maker – One of the Best Gifts Under $20 Ever!

How adorable and fabulous is this baby handprint and footprint makers kit? It’s ideal for your new baby boy or girl or would make a perfect shower gift. It comes with everything you need, including air-drying clay, a wooden frame, acrylic safety glass, double-sided tape, letter and number stamps, and detailed instructions. This thoughtful and creative keepsake gift makes a lifetime of memories and sells under $20!

8. Dali-Inspired Melting Wall Clock

I think Salvador Dali would be proud to display this unique beauty on his walls, don’t you? This fun wall clock measures 7″ x 4.5″ and is battery-operated. Not a fan of Roman numerals? Check out this similar clock with Arabic numbers.

9. Wooden Jointed Mannequin is a Must-Have Gift Under $20

Perfect for home decor, studio use, or use the mannequin’s hands to hold your recipe cards in the kitchen! This 12″ jointed wood mannequin can fit in any room and will inspire the artist in everyone.

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10. “The Organic Artist for Kids: A DIY Guide to Making Your Own Eco-Friendly Art Supplies from Nature”

Young adults 8+ and older will love making eco-friendly art supplies, as shown in this popular book by author Nick Neddo. Projects include learning how to make paint from stones and rocks and creating your paintbrushes. “The Organic Artist for Kids” is beautifully written and is easy to follow with the how-tos and photos.

11. Eight-piece 5″ Stainless Steel Spoons and Forks 

Your family and guests will love using these artsy spoons and forks for every occasion! The 8-piece set shown is black, and each piece measures 5″ – perfect for desserts or a charcuterie tray. If you’re not a fan of black utensils, here they are in silver. And the best part about this charming gift for under $20? Each of these sets sells for less than $10!

12. Pet Gifts under $20 include This Dog Hair Dye

Admit it. You’ve been dying to own a pink poodle for ages, now haven’t you? And today you can, thanks to the folks at Crazy Liberty. This pet hair dye comes in various colors, and users have colored their dogs, cats, and even a Silky chicken! The ink is permanent and works excellent for poodles or other pets that see a groomer regularly. It’s probably best to use on lighter-color pets, as one user tried it on her black dog, and his hair turned purple! Be sure to read the instructions carefully to make sure it’s a fit for your pet.

13. Sixteen-Color LED Moon Light

This 16-color LED Moon Light will delight young and old alike! The “moon” is 4.8″ in diameter and operates by remote or touch control. It comes with a stand and a built-in battery that is USB rechargeable. The surface represents the moon’s texture, and the remote control works from up to 30 feet away! This Moon Light would go perfect in a nursery or child’s room, office, living room, or bathroom.

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14. LED Toilet Bowl Night Light with Motion Sensor

Did you know there are over 30,000 toilet-related injuries each year in the US alone? You can now avoid toilet-related injuries with this colorful toilet bowl night light with a built-in motion sensor! The unit installs easily with an adjustable arm that fits over the rim of the bowl. And it shuts off by itself after 2 minutes of no detected motion. The LED toilet bowl night light is a functional gift that is also a great gag gift – and it sells for under $20!

15. Make Your Own Artsy Wrapping Paper – Anytime!

With this 100% recycled brown Kraft paper, you can now make your wrapping paper anytime! This industrial-grade paper is 40# and is not coated or waxed. Let the kids go crazy with paint or crayons, or use your favorite water-based, acrylic, or spray paints to create your unique design for any occasion. Each roll of recycled brown Kraft paper measures 17.5″ x 1800″ and comes with a money-back guarantee. A roll of this paper makes a thoughtful and fun gift and is under $20.

16. One-Thousand Piece Line Flowing Circular Puzzle

If your favorite artsy person loves jig-saw puzzles, then this 1000-piece circular puzzle from Bgraamiens will delight them for hours on end! Bgraamiens puzzles are well made, and the pieces fit well together and have clear designs. And if your person likes a challenge, try this 1000-piece “Color Game” puzzle or the 1000-piece “The Lines” puzzle.

17. Set of 10 Metallic Markers

This set of 10 metallic markers will make your designs jump out on the page with their shiny and vibrant colors! The inks are water-based, non-toxic, odorless, acid-free, and environmentally friendly. Use on most surfaces, including cardstock, rocks, wood, canvas, and more. They’re perfect for making place cards, gift tags, embellishments on your paintings – and you don’t need to shake them.

18. Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Set

This nifty calligraphy and painting set comes with four brushes, a black ink stick, an ink pad, and a ming porcelain mixing ink bowl. It’s a great starting kit for beginners and Sumi-e lovers alike. The Sumi/Xuan/Rice Paper and a recommended how-to book called Japanese Ink Painting: The Art of Sumi-e are sold separately.

19. Handmade Leather Journal or Diary

This quality hand-crafted leather journal made with top-grain buffalo leather has recycled cotton paper that won’t bleed through. It makes an excellent gift for men, women, students, artists, writers, chefs and travelers, and is available in four colors and two sizes. And this fun gift is priced under $20!

20. KANKEI Wood Wall Frame for Photos

Here’s a quick and easy way to organize and show off your favorite photos or small artworks! This clever wood wall frame by Kankei measures 26″ x 29″ and comes with clips to hold up to 30 small pieces of work. This system works great if you’ve always wanted a gallery wall without nail holes or crooked frames.

So, I hope you’re able to find at least one perfect gift idea from this list of 20 Artsy Gifts Under $20 for your favorite creative! I tried to include something for everyone, including men, women, babies, young children to older adults – and even your best furry friend.

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To find out where to purchase or learn more about any of these products, just click on a particular photo or one of the underlined links above – and if you’re still stumped on what to get your favorite artsy person, just send me an email! I’m happy to help you find the perfect gift.

…..And here are some more year-round gift ideas for artsy people!

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