If finding new ideas for your favorite artist or creative person is a daunting task, I’ve got you covered! This gift guide will give you the best gift ideas for creative people ever!

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Here are 24 creative gifts for the holiday or any time of year. No matter what kind of artist or creative soul you are buying for, I’ve got the right gift to help sharpen their artistic skills or take their craft to the next level.

So stop stressing and scroll below to find the best ideas for the perfect gift for your creative friend or family member today!

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1. This high-quality stainless steel vacuum thermos cup looks like a Camera Lens Coffee Mug and is a work of art!! It comes with a spoon and is an awesome gift for your favorite photographer.

2. The Artist’s Way Starter Kit includes Julia Cameron’s bestselling book The Artist’s Way and The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal. If your creative person has artistic abilities but needs a little bit of encouragement, Cameron shares new techniques that will get the creative juices flowing. I can tell you firsthand that this life-changing twelve-week program is hard work, but it is one of the best ways to start producing your best work. The Artist’s Way is one of my favorite books, and I highly recommend this set as one of the best gifts ever for creative individuals.

3. There are monthly subscription boxes out there for artistic people everywhere. The Gogh Box Art Crate is a great gift idea for art lovers and includes art supplies and detailed instructions for you to paint two creative projects. Learn new skills by painting famous works by a different artist each month.

4. The MISULOVE Watercolor Paint Set comes with 42 assorted colors of paint and one water brush pen. The set is a great choice for travelers or field painters who like to paint or sketch outdoors.

5. The Awkward Storyteller is a party card game for adults, teens & mature kids. It’s a great choice for bringing lots of fun, laughter, and creative storytelling into your world!

6. This DAYMOO Build-On Brick Mug Set will delight creative types of any age! The mug comes in different colors and is one of those fun gifts that will keep artsy people busy for a long time. This unique idea is a great addition to a studio space and can hold colored pencils, your favorite fountain pen, or other writing instruments.

7. Discover your inner artist while practicing mindfulness with this Daily Doodle Journal. There are 365 creative prompts in this clever little art book – one for each day of the year!

8. If your favorite artsy person wants to make money from their hobby, then “Mind Your Business: A Workbook to Grow Your Creative Passion Into a Full-time Gig” is a great idea for them. This book teaches creative folks how to take their ideas from wishful thinking to successful reality.

9. The Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie Hat includes wireless headphones for outdoor activities. So grab your phone and keep your ears warm while listening to your favorite tunes!

10. This unique gift idea is a great tool for budding writers to get their words flowing! The book is called “5-Minute Daily Writing Prompts: 501 Prompts to Unleash Creativity and Spark Inspiration” and will help your new author become a better writer.

11. The CLOCKY Alarm Clock on Wheels is extra loud for heavy sleepers and will do everything possible to ensure your creative gets up on time. This little robot clock rolls, jumps, moves forward and backward, and will annoy you until you get out of bed and shut him down!

12. The SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box is an award-winning fidget cube with 36 rare earth magnets. The fidget toy can transform into more than 70 shapes to delight creative minds for hours.

13. These small decorative people-posing pots have built-in drainage and are perfect for succulents and small plants. Amuse your creative person with this fun set of 3 cute planters today.

14. Here’s another inspirational book for your inner author to come out and play with! One Poem a Day: A Writer’s Daily Journal of Words & Inspiration will help you get over writer’s block and start penning beautiful sonnets to rival Shakespeare in no time!

15. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook will delight kids and adults to try out their culinary skills in the kitchen. Whether your creative is a wizard or not, these 150+ recipes will inspire magic while teaching new things during the creative process.

16. Give your creative person this Macrame Photo Wall-Hanging Display to show off their latest artistic endeavors. The set comes with thirty wood clips and looks great in any room!

17. Who doesn’t love a gourmet chocolate truffles? Anyone can learn to make their own with this deluxe chocolate truffle-making kit. Learn the basics and start making these delicious truffle candies for your friends and family today!

18. This set of 24-Watercolor Brush Pens comes with two blending brushes and are perfect for making a gift card, temporary tattoos, hand lettering, or coloring in your favorite adult coloring books.

19. If your creative person wants to make a real work of art, try making pottery! This quality ANBULL 350w Electric Pottery Wheel comes with and some tools, an adjustable lever, and a foot pedal. Grab some air-dry clay and start throwing today. And if your person is REALLY interested in making this hobby into a creative business, Olympic makes the best kilns for this.

20. Check out this amazing set of tableware by ASHII! Shown here is a set in matte black, but it comes in other colors too. There are six place settings plus serving ware. Feel creative with every single bite with this artistic set of tableware!

21. These fun socks will make anyone feel artsy while wearing them! And they cost around $2.00 a pair when you buy this set of one-dozen unisex socks. There are a variety of sets to choose from, and they have excellent reviews. Buy an extra set to keep on hand next time you need a little artsy gift for someone!

22. The Li’l Davinci 8.5×11 Kids Art Frame isn’t just for kids!! The front-opening EZ store frames are perfect for your artsy ones’ small paintings and masterpieces, and it hold up to 50 pieces.

23. No matter what medium your creative person works in, “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert is a game-changer book and a must-read. I have read the book twice and have listened to it three times on Audible, and glean new inspiration each time. This book will definitely gain a permanent space in your artsy person’s library!!

24. Imagine Pictionary on steroids, and you’ve got the award winning Artsy Fartsy Fun Family Game. It’s fun for kids, tweens, teens, and adults, and will challenge your drawing skills while providing hours of laughter for all.

24 Amazing Gift Ideas for Creative People

Thank you for reading! I hope this list was helpful and gave you some great ideas. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments below. Happy gift giving!

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