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Thriving With Less

Thanks for stopping by! I'm an artist and business owner, living in an 849 square foot house with my pup, Jackson Pollack. My home is an eclectic blend of thrifted and global treasures, art, and DIY projects. I grow herbs that I use in the kitchen and bath and follow a plant-forward diet, sharing healthy recipes perfect for 1-2 people.   

JJ Jacobs

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On 11-1-2011, I walked away from a career in real estate development to become a full-time artist. I traded my hard hat and financial stability to sell my work, do shows and teach classes in my home studio. I also got to make art every single day – I was living my dream!!

But after several years, that dream became another job, and I soon realized I had never worked so hard for so little money in my life. Feeling forced to make art to pay the bills drove me to burnout and dampened my creativity. Drastic changes were needed.  

A Little History

"My mission in life is 
not merely to survive,
but to thrive; and to do
so with some passion,
some compassion, some humor, and some style."

-- Maya Angelou

I began meditating and exercising more and switched from a junk-food diet to a plant-forward one. I started to feel better physically and mentally and began growing my own herbs for creating colorful and healthy meals for myself. The herb garden became my playground and food was my new art.
In 2018, I purchased a small property management business and now work from home, budget like a boss, and make art while eating like a queen. I’m thriving with less and living more, one tasty bite and paint stroke at a time.  

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