Here are some of the best beach gift ideas that your favorite ocean lover will actually use. This list has a variety of beachy gifts that are practical and affordable and perfect for giving any time of the year.

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Why Ocean and Beach Gift Ideas?

I’ve been an ocean lover my entire life – and a beach enthusiast since I can remember. And even though I live about 80 miles from the nearest ocean, my friends and I think nothing of driving to the coast on a perfect day for a beachy good time.

We load up the nearest beach wagon with beach accessories (which always include a beach blanket, lots of uv protection, a cute picnic basket, and big beach bag filled with lots of treats), and go in search of a great place to relax in the sand.

And during the year, every time a beach-loving friend or family member has a birthday or special occasion, my favorite thing to give them is a practical gift with a beach theme. These gift ideas for whether you are actually at the beach, or if you want your home to ooze the ocean vibes.

This list of beach-themed gifts will delight beach lovers everywhere! I’ve put together a list of the best beach gifts that make the perfect present for a special occasion or really, anytime.

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1. Waterproof Dry Beach Bag by Earth Pak

Earth Pak makes an amazing dry beach bag that is lightweight, waterproof, and comes in assorted colors and sizes. They even come with a certified waterproof phone case for your cell phone! The larger bags come with double straps so you can wear it comfortably on hikes or long walks on the beach.

2. Microfiber Beach Blanket by Rainleaf

This sand-resistant beachtowel by Rainleaf is one of the beach essentials you have to have. It’s ultra-light, and fits into a handy carry case you can throw into your beach bag or carry. It dries quickly and comes in an assortment of sizes and colors. It’s a practical gift as well as a must-have item for beach lovers!

3. Lightweight Mesh Beach Tote Bag

If you have kids or need a very lightweight yet sturdy tote bag for the beach, this is the right gift for you. The bag itself weighs less than a pound, and can carry up to 160 pounds of toys and beach accessories. Fill it with towels, water bottles, sunblock, shoes, sunglasses, and all the things for a fun day at the beach. It comes in an assortment of colors and is affordably priced too!

4. Waterproof Speaker for Bluetooth by JBL

If you want to bring tunes to the beach, check out these waterproof speakers by JBL! They are compact, and provide up to 12 hours of play time. Plus they have the quality and ratings that JBL is known for!

5. Lightweight Portable Beach Chairs by Tommy Bahama

These sturdy and portable Tommy Bahama beach chairs fold flat and have straps for you to put on your back like a backpack. This makes them easy to carry when you have to hike down to the sand! They have a comfortable headrest plus a mesh storage bag on the back of the chair to store items. And there’s an insulated cooler plus drink pouch for you to keep your favorite beverages cold. Plus this chair lies flat if you want to lie down to catch some rays! This portable beach chair is one of the best beach gift ideas around, and has over 13,000 ratings from happy customers.

6. Insulated Beach Picnic Basket Set

Another perfect beach gift idea is this picnic basket set for 4. It comes in a roomy insulated tote with a removable dinner kit. And there are 4 sets of flatware, plates, and wine glasses. Gift this set to any beach-loving-friend for a fun or romantic time at the ocean!

7. Wide-Brim Hat with UV Protection

This straw beach hat by FURTALK comes in a variety of colors and has UV protection up to UPF50! This is the perfect summer hat, and with the foldable brim, you can bring it with you anytime you travel to the land or sea.

8. Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards

Waterproof Playing Cards by Hoyle are the perfect for those long days at the beach. They make the perfect present for young and old alike, whether they are just playing “Go Fish” or “Texas Hold ‘Em.” This little deck of cards costs under $8.00 and is the perfect present for card sharks everywhere.

9. Drinking Flasks Disguised as Sunscreen Containers

Many beaches prohibit alcohol where I’m from, but that doesn’t stop people from bringing their own boozy drinks anyways. The secret is not getting caught from the park rangers! So if you’re pining for a frosty margarita on the beach, these sunscreen flasks are for you. Each “tube” holds 8 oz of your favorite drink. These fun flasks make the best unique beach gifts for young and old adults – just remember to use them safely and don’t drink and drive!

10. YETI Stainless Steel Insulated Container

Keep hydrated at the beach with this 20-oz stainless steel insulated container from YETI. Besides being vacuum-sealed and light-weight yet sturdy, this reusable water bottle has a magnetic lid and is dishwasher safe. It comes in a variety of colors, and fits easily in standard sized drink holders.

11. Beach Wagon by MAC SPORTS

If you’re hauling little people or lots of supplies to the beach, then this sturdy and collapsible beach wagon is your new best friend. I bought one of these for my brother when he bought his boat, and he said it was the best gift ever! He uses it for carting supplies from the car to the deck where his boat is located, brings it on board, then uses it when he docks by the beach. The wheels navigate the sand easily, and the frame is quality metal. Priced under $100, this wagon makes one of the best beach gifts you can give!

12. Water Shoes by ANLUKE

How fun are these colorful water shoes by ANLUKE? They come in a variety of colors and 37 different patterns, including these artsy shoes that are priced under $15. These amazing shoes come in different sizes and are a must-have item when you’re walking from the street to the beach. There’s no better way to protect your feet from jagged rocks and ocean critters than wearing comfortable water shoes.

13. Children’s Sand Play Kit by Melissa & Doug

Your little sailor or mermaid will love this sand play kit by Melissa & Doug! This sea creature inspired “baking” kit is perfect for 3-5 year olds. It helps the kiddies make fabulous mudpies and sandcakes and will keep them busy for ages! This kit makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, and is the perfect beach gift for kids.

14. BOUNTY HUNTER Metal Detector Kit

Who doesn’t dream of finding a diamond ring or an ancient coin on the beach? Awhile back, I actually witnessed a man with a metal detector find a stunning solid gold necklace with a row of diamonds about three feet from where I was! I was fascinated to watch this happen and he showed me the other treasures he had found that day. One was a gold band and there were a couple different earrings. He also found some unique rusty metal pieces that he thought came from an old boat. This is the perfect gift for an ocean enthusiast and all treasure hunters everywhere.

15. SPF45 Protective Lip Balm

Another fabulous beach gift are these tasty and protective SPF45 lip balms by Panama Jack. The are formulated with SPF45 sunscreen, and will keep your lips safe from those sun rays as well as the sea breezes. This kit includes four wonderful flavors including vanilla, mango, dreamsicle and tropical. Panama Jack lip balms are non-waxy and go on smoothly without being sticky. They offer broad spectrum UVA-UVB sun protection, and they taste amazing!

16. DANMU Colorful Beach Towel Clips

These beach towel clips do more than keep your towels from blowing away. They also prevent any food from becoming seagull snacks! And you can use them to attach tablecloths, hang clothes to dry, and more. A set of eight is less than $8 and is one of the most practical beach gifts you can buy.

17. Easy Setup Deluxe Beach Tent by Pacific Breeze

This deluxe beach tent by Pacific Breeze is easy to put up and fits up to four people. There is a pop-up door organizer with clear pockets, and the tent is made with SPF 50+ material. This means you can enjoy the beach longer without having to worry about the sun’s rays and the wind. This pop-up tent also protects you from seagulls and bugs, not to mention an occasional stray frisbee or ball!

18. Soft Insulated Cooler Bag with Straps

Everlasting Comfort makes this soft insulated cooler bag that you can wear as a backpack, filled with your favorite foods and drinks. Leakproof and waterproof, this cooler bag keeps the contents cold for up to 24 hours. It also has side pockets and a zipped front container for keys, cell phones, and more. Take it to the beach or on hikes!

19. UPF 50+ SPF Long-Sleeved Coverup with Hoodie

This UPF 50+ SPF long-sleeved coverup protects from the sun while being stylish. It comes in four different colors including this fashionable turquoise blue and has pockets for those unique beach finds. It’s made from a lightweight high density mesh fabric that wicks away moisture and sweat. It dries quickly and is excellent for the beach, hiking, or outdoor activity.

20. Paddleball Set for Four Players

This sturdy paddleball set comes in a lightweight bag and is the perfect beach game for up to four players. Spend hours playing beach paddleball, and get a great workout while you’re doing it!

21. Neutrogena Beach Sunscreen Lotion with Protection SPF 70

One of the most critical ocean and beach gifts is a tube of Neutrogena’s beach sunscreen lotion. This oil-free liquid keeps you safe to play in the sun with even the brightest UV rays. Save your skin and possibly a life with this wonderful SPF 70 sunscreen lotion.

22. Unisex Polarized Sunglasses – Set of 3 Under $20!

Here’s the best deal on these Unisex polarized sunglasses – 3 pairs for under $20! Each pair has HD polarized lenses which offer accurate color perception. They come in various color sets and include small microfiber storage pouches and cleaning cloths.

23. Ultra Star Sport Disc

This Ultra Star Sport Disc is the world standard for the sport of Ultimate (formerly known as the ultimate Frisbee) and has been the official disc for the USA Ultimate Championship Series since 1991. It comes in a variety of colors and is the official weight. Get your Ultimate sport on with this fun game – it’s less than $12!

24. GoPlus Boogie Boards for Kids, Teens & Adults

Spend hours riding the waves with this Boogie Board by GoPlus. It comes with a hauling cable, and an ankle/wrist harness and has a crescent tail design for comfort and easy control. The board also has 60/40 rails and rear channels and is lightweight yet sturdy enough to take on even the big waves. This Boogie Board comes in two different sizes (based on the age of the user) and in an assortment of colors. And it’s affordably priced under $45!

25. Sharkbanz 2 Shark Repellant Band

If you’re a wave rider or like to swim with the sharks but don’t want to become shark bait, this Sharkbanz 2 shark repellant band is for you! This unique gift uses patented magnetic technology that causes a very unpleasant sensation that turns sharks away. The Sharkbanz doesn’t require any batteries and doesn’t need to be charged. Plus it can be worn on the wrist or ankle!

26. Ballast Beach Pillow

The popular beach pillow by Ballast is perfect for the beach, and its patented design keeps it from blowing away on windy days. It is covered in a soft fabric that wicks away water and repels sand. Plus it’s weather resistant and feels great against your skin!

So, I hope these practical beach gift ideas have inspired and helped you decide what to give your favorite beach lover! Rest easy knowing they’ll love the thought you put into their gift and know it’s something they can enjoy using the next time they hit the beach.

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