Introducing the lovely Smurfarita, a tasty blue cocktail that is perfect for Cinco de Mayo and National Tequila Day.

blue cocktail in a glass with a lime slice and a sprig of mint is a margarita with a splash of blue curacao.

National Tequila Day is July 24th in the States, and what better way to celebrate than with a dazzling and delicious Smurfarita blue cocktail?

I termed this cocktail a Smurfarita because it’s pretty blue color reminds me of the beloved Belgian comic franchise, the Smurfs.

A Smurfarita is a delicious, visual delight that will impress your guests with its sheer beauty! I mean, who doesn’t love a blue cocktail? Especially one made with tequila?!!

The Ingredients

The Smurfarita is a margarita with a splash of Blue Curacao. Blue Curacao is a blue liqueur that is bitter yet sweet and has a citrusy flavor. The liqueur is flavored with Laraha peels, a citrus fruit that grows on the Caribbean island of Curacao.

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The Laraha fruit is also known as a Curacao orange and is a descendant of the bitter orange. It is fibrous and bitter and considered inedible, but the funky-looking peels are flavorful and perfect for making liqueurs, and you can use the zest for baking.

Laraha fruit is a citrus fruit with a rough textured skin

The Laraha peels make and flavor the Blue Curacao liqueur, but the beautiful blue color actually comes from a dye. The alcohol levels in this liqueur range from 15-40%, and some varieties taste like Triple Sec.

Some people pronounce the word “Curacao” as “cure-a-cow,” but the correct pronunciation is “cure-a-sow.”

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You can use Blue Curacao in many fun blue cocktails, including the Blue Lagoon, Blue Hawaii, and Sex in the Driveway.

With Cinco de Mayo coming up and July 24th being national “Tequila Day,” my Smurfarita is a beautiful way to celebrate these events.

Here’s the blue cocktail recipe for Smurfaritas!

[mv_create key=”13″ type=”recipe” title=”Smurfarita Cocktails (aka Blue Margaritas)” thumbnail=”http://thrivingwithless.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Smurfarita-Cocktail-1-watermarked.jpg”]

Make a Mocktail Smurfarita Blue Cocktail – it’s easy!

You can easily make a delicious mocktail version of the Smurfarita blue cocktail. Just use the same measurements in the recipe and switch the tequila and Blue Curacao with non-alcohol tequila and Blue Curacao syrup. It’s tasty and refreshing, and as visually appealing as the “real” Smurfarita!

Serving Suggestions

Garnishes are always fun to add to drinks – especially ones with vibrant colors. The green of the lime and mint really set off the blue, but if you want to go for a visual “pop,” try a slice of orange.

Orange and blue are complementary colors, and when put together, they magically tell the brain to stand up and pay attention – especially in this beautiful neon blue cocktail.

I’m an herb lover and enjoy snipping sprigs from my garden to add an extra sensory experience to my recipes. The herbal essence can complement the flavors, and give off an appealing aroma when you take a sip.

I’ve used both lemon balm and mint for my blue cocktail garnishes, but you could also try a couple of lavender flowers or a sprig of fresh rosemary. Or if you have these in your garden, try a stem or two of beautiful thyme or tarragon.

Blue Cocktail called the Smurfarita is in a salt-rimmed glass on a wood table and is garnished with a citrus slice and mint

When I served this cocktail to my friends on my last art day, they couldn’t wait to taste it and still rave about my Smurfarita blue cocktails. I know I should have made a pitcher of them and definitely will – next time.

If you like colorful and tasty cocktails, be sure to try my “Third Eye” purple cocktail – here’s the link.

blue cocktails called Smurfaritas in short glasses garnished with lime slices and sprigs of mint

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    1. Thanks Michelle – blue cocktails rock and I’m like you….tequila makes everything better 🙂 Cheers!

  1. Thank you JJ. Your Smurfarita looks fantastic. It matches my aqua blue decor down at the pool. I love creative and tasty cocktails.

    1. Thanks Linda! I love a theme cocktail and a pool party, and am glad these Smurfaritas match your pool decor. Hope you enjoy many pool parties with this recipe!!

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