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Find out how to turn found objects and upcycled materials into new works of art, gifts, home & garden decor, and more! 

Making Journals From Ugly Old Paintings

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with an ugly old painting, here is a quick and easy DIY project for upcycling it into a brand new journal!! Begin by removing the canvas from the frame. This can be done quickly and easily by flipping over the painting and sliding a small, sharp knife between […]

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Welcome! I'm JJ, and I write an artist lifestyle blog. Here we explore fun DIY projects, and learn how to turn an art hobby into a successful side hustle. I share delicious plant-forward, small-portion recipes and grow herbs for the home, kitchen and  gifts.  I also run a full-time business, and I do all this and more in my small 849 square foot house!