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Spicy Cranberry Sauce Recipe

  1. This looks and sounds delicious and I am always looking for ways to use leftover cranberry sauce. Laura

    • JJ Jacobs says:

      Thank you, Laura! If you find more ideas, please let me know — I have a huge bag of cranberries in the freezer and am on the hunt to double this list!!

  2. jeanie says:

    Well, first of all, thank you for taking time to stop by Marmelade Gypsy before the holidays. As you probably have experienced, holidays can get a little crazy and I’m late in returning “the call,” but delighted to “meet you” here in the ether-world! The sauce looks absolutely delicious. I adore cranberries and they don’t seem to stick around long, so I will most certainly be buying more before they disappear and give this one a try! Happy New Year! ~ jenaie from Marmelade Gypsy

  3. […] It won’t be long before we are starting to talk about turkey dinner. JJ at Thriving with Less has the best idea for spicing up your cranberry sauce.  […]

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Spicy cranberry sauce ingredients
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