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Single-Serving Dessert Poached Pears

If you’re looking for a single-serving dessert that’s warm, sweet, healthy, and easy to make, I got you!  This dessert uses only three ingredients and is made in less than 10 minutes, start to finish. 

Pear, cinnamon and maple syrup for poached pears

Ingredients for Single-Serving Poached Pear Dessert

  • One ripe pear
  • 1/4 Teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • 2 Teaspoons of maple syrup

Easy Preparation Directions

Sliced pears

If desired, peel the pear with a peeler and remove the stem (or leave the skin for added fiber). Using a knife, slice the pear into two sections. Take a small spoon or melon baller and remove the core and seeds. Slice each half of the pear into smaller, thin slices of equal size.

Sliced pears with cinnamon in a small dish

In a small microwavable dish (like this one), add a layer of sliced pears and sprinkle with some of the cinnamon.

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Layer of sliced pears with cinnamon

Top the bottom layer of pears with more slices, and add cinnamon over the pears. Continue stacking the layers until you run out of slices. Add a final sprinkle of cinnamon.

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Maple syrup over sliced pears with cinnamon

Pour the maple syrup over the cinnamon-topped pear slices, and if desired, add a final dusting of cinnamon over the syrup.

How to Cook Single-Serving Poached Pear Dessert

Put microwavable dish and pears into the microwave, and cook for one minute at medium to high heat. At the end of the minute, open the microwave and stir the contents. Cook the pears for one more minute, then remove them from the microwave. Microwaves vary with temperatures, so if the pears are still hard, cook for another 30-second increment until soft. Remove from the oven and let the mixture sit for a minute or two before serving.

Single-serving poached pear dessert

Serving Ideas & Variations

This easy single-serving dessert method can be made with apples, peaches, apricots, and even berries. If you want to spice things up, substitute the maple syrup for spicy hot chili honey like the one I made here.

For some added taste, top the pears with a bit of granola or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Double, triple, or multiply the recipe as needed to accommodate guests or to make additional single-serving desserts for yourself. Besides being quick, easy, and delicious, this recipe is healthy and guilt-free. Enjoy!

Pears – the Powerhouse Fruit!

According to this article by Healthline, pears help fight inflammation, promote heart and gut health, and can even help you lose weight! They are great in salads, desserts, and are the perfect healthy snack. Pears are a staple in my house, and I try to eat them at least once a week. This single-serving dessert is just one way to get pears on the menu. Stay tuned, as I’ll definitely be sharing more recipes with these delicious fruits.

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Single-serve poached pear dessert

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  1. love love this pear recipe and health info/ thank you so much

  2. Love pears and this will be a favorite! Looking forward to adding berries to it and maybe some ice cream!

    1. Adding berries and some ice cream to the pears sounds delicious, Paula! I’m definitely going to give it a try.

    1. Thanks, Carol – it’s so easy and can be made with peaches or apples too! BTW – I love your blog and just signed up. We Boomers need to stick together 🙂

  3. Hi JJ, thanks for your lovely comment and visiting Treat & Trick. I love this dessert, simple and healthy recipe and importantly single serving…..

    1. Thank you, Nora! I’m actually making this recipe again tonight with some beautiful red pears I picked up at a farmer’s market.

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